YAY!!! Creme paddy arrived today!!! PICS

  1. Yay!!!!!!!!! I got this from a lovely PFer, but unfortuntely it was snatched away from me by evil Aussie customs for ages, but the wait was worth it, she's HERE!!!!!




    I LOVE it! It's such a gorgeous rich neutral color!!!
    I'll post some more photos soon when I can!!!
  2. Hellooooooo Gaw-jiss! :p I have the tote in that color and it's TDF! Congrats!! She was definitely worth the wait! ;)
  3. OMG!!!!

    Finally you have her! (did those meanies in customs charge you??)

    She's beautiful!

    So thats why you sold your baby!

    And it's my 1000th post!

    Celebration time!

  4. Lucky Girl! It's gorgeous!
    I have a front pocket in that color and I am wearing it more now and finding cute outfits to go with it. I never had a light bag before, always brown and black.
    Enjoy Her:smile:
  5. Loooove it!!!!
  6. Thanks guys! And YES bella (congrats on your 1000th post btw!!!) customs did charge me a big nasty fee lol!!!

    More pics (these show the true color much better):


  7. [​IMG]
  8. she's beautiful, congrats!
  9. Oh no! I hate paying customs fees!

    She is worth it though! :yahoo:
  10. gorgeous:wlae::wlae::wlae::yahoo::yes:
  11. lovely!!
  12. Hi,

    where did you buy it from? My Girlfriend would kill for that bag and it is her birthday coming up.

    I'm in the UK but have ways and means to get stuff over from the US. Not that I'm cheap but I'm only just starting to get why you pay so much for a handbag!

    Thanks in advance.
    I love it!

  14. I believe she bought it from a fellow pfer either through marketplace or eBay. You best bet would be eBay for that style right now. However Diabro has some good deals and your exchange rate is always a bonus. :p
  15. I'm scared of eBay fakes/copies