YAY!!!!Come to see my new LVs!!! ~*PIC TIME*~

  1. So i went to the Crown LV store today for my pre-trip shopping, tried the LH, MC Noe, Damier Chelsea, Mono stephen and etc....!! The Multicolor Large Agenda (BLACK) was out of stock. I fell in love with the Mono Stephen, so gorgerous and not big at all. Actually i was THIS CLOSE to buy it, but after i tried to fit some A4 folders in the bag, it didn't look that HOT as it was before...:push:

    Anyway, here's what i got!!!!!The Lockit Horizontal and Multicolor Petit Noe....... I'm still thinking about the Stephen.....should i exchange the LH for the Stephen??????I was gonna use the LH for uni, the stephen is a bit small but soooo gorgerous....

  2. congrats they look great on you specially the black murakami petit noe!!!
  3. congrats! They look so great on you
  4. u look fabulous!!! and slim..as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'd stick with the LH for school!!!
  5. OMG I love both! The lh is gorgeous! You don´t see the mc noe around much! You look fabulous.
  6. I love both as well!
  7. wow, congrats! They look really good on you! Love the Noe! Looks great!
  8. Ohhhh..... they both look gorgeous.

    The LH looks great and a nice size for school.

    You are changing my perception of the MC noe. I was never really into the noe because I much prefer handheld bags, but your noe looks so good on you. I like the little pocket outside too. It looks fabulous!

    Congrats on your great buys!
  9. :nuts: :yahoo: GORGEOUS!!! They both look great on you:yes: . Mono Stephen will be great for Uni especially with the strap but I love the LH too:sweatdrop:
  10. Thank you guys~~:love:As you can see im a shoulder bag gal:biggrin:!!
  11. Fab on you! Congrats!:yahoo:
  12. I love both, but the stephen couldn't fit (thick) A4 folder or my laptop.....:push: Bummer!!!!
  13. holy crap, you look hot in skinny jeans! wish i could pass off the look but i'm short and not all that slim. =/

    love the bags... never really liked the noe, but it looks great in MC. the LH looks like a nice, roomy bag too!
  14. Haha~thank you:love:! I didn't like the noe either untill i saw some PFers pics, i think the noe looks really cute in MC:p!!!!
  15. Great purchases, love that petit noe!