Yay! Burberry Forum!

  1. Thanks Vlad and Megs for the Burberry forum! Another great forum to share our interests!:yahoo:
  2. oh wow! Talk about a quick response/reaction!! All people had to do was ask for a subforum and now we got a Burberry one!!
  3. Thank you Megs and Vlad!!!!!!
  4. Very pleased to have this. Thanks.
  5. lol...I just realized that I meant to put "Burberry Thread" NOT "Burberry forum"..duh!
  6. hoorah!
  7. That's great!
  8. Yayyyy!!
  9. I just saw this today! Yay! Thank you!
  10. Oh YAY! I havent visited the forum in awhile and I didnt even know a Burberry subforum was made! Very cool :biggrin:
  11. gosh i'm new here...where is the link to Brberry forum, I just got the bag and I want to get feedback
  12. I just simply love my new Burberry Handbag and I want to share the photo with you guys.. [​IMG]
  13. You should place this message in the "Show off your Burberry collection".
    Regina :smile: