Yay! Brand New LV Store in Atlantic City

  1. I don't know if it's open yet but I can't wait to go. It's on an entire pier dedicated to only upscale stores...now I can't even go to the shore without temptation! If anyone is in the area, is it open, have you been there yet?
  2. Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk!!!
  3. My LV SA told me tonight that it will officially be open on July 1....yay! It is only about 1.5 hr from me and we go down a lot so I am super excited about it. While my husband plays cards I can shop!
  4. Me too!! I'm only about 60 miles from there and I can hardly wait.:yes: :yes:
  5. Oh yeah, you are in K of P! Do you shop at the LV in K of P mall normally? WHo is your fave SA? I love Chris - he is SO nice.

    I live in Drexel Hill!
  6. Woo! Awesome!
    I go to KOP to get all of my LV, too. ;) Chris is my SA. He's awesome and so patient. I can't wait to go see him next sat. to get my damier speedy! Every time i go in with my white mc, he says "Where is your Black MC Speedy?!" and vice versa. lol.

    I live in Central PA, so i don't get down too often, but i love when i do! :yes:

  7. Aw, that's awesome! He is so nice, he remembers so much about each person I think. I love him.

    Have fun next Sat :graucho:
  8. That's great. I was there back in the winter and I was so surprised that AC has a great shopping strip...lots of stores like Guess, Coach, Brooks Brothers..and now LV?? that's great. I guess they figure you can go win your money and spend it all in AC!
  9. I live a hour and a half from AC (my mom lives 30 minutes from AC) I'll have to go and check it out. I normally purchase my handbags at the K of P mall. I've never really been a big AC person, but their really building up down there....nice night life, shopping, restaurants. I really don't mine going to AC now.
  10. Hey! Just so you know that section of AC is all pretty much outlets, except for a few of the stores, they are all outlets. This new shopping center will be in Caeser's, kinda similar to that of Las Vegas, but nothing as extravagant.

    This article has a link to the actual layout of the place:

  11. My dad lives about an hour from there. I wonder if this one is closer than the one in Philly....
  12. Hi neighbor! how often do you go to KOP? I Like to deal with Jim, Is chris the one who used to work at short hills mall? I go to KOP about 5 days a week. its my home away from home. Send me a PM and we should meet. Selena is my daughter and she goes there alot too when she can.
  13. I saw that on the news the other day! KOP will still be closer to me.
  14. Hey! We should def meet up! I go there at least once a week, my husband calls me the Queen of Prussia, LOL!! :lol: I am not sure if Chris used to work at SHort Hills, he is the short, darker complected guy. I am not sure if I know Jim. Me and my friend Ann, who is member Virgo on here, were just there a few nights ago....we should def meet up and play :graucho:
  15. I found out about the reopening of the Pier from my Movado lady at King of Prussia a month or so ago. I had no clue until the other day they were opening LV there. It looks like it's really going to be a nice mall and yes, they are really cleaning up AC. We have a house in Margate (and I always thought we were too close to AC but not now). I usually save my change to play slots while my better half plays cards but now I have an even better reason to save my pennies. LOL