yay! bought something before the price increase...

  1. Just realised that the price increase in Australia is tomorrow, so I decided to rush back to LV to get something...

    I'm so happy now..:yahoo:

    Deluxeduck, don't ruin the surprise for everybody please.... :P

    I am only going to upload 2 photos, more will be coming tomorrow. I have to go to sleep now, have an early start tomorrow.

    For now, keep guessing people... :graucho:

    Hint: it's for men, and have multi-purposes. (yeah that doesn't help a lot!)
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. oh im so jealous.. :sad:

    i went to the sydney store and force myself to find something but i dont find anything that fancy my eyes.

    but then the SA told me that she still isnt sure whether the increase would be taken account into tommorow, they might postpone it till weekend though *finger crossed*
  3. Just want to say CONGRATS!!!! :yahoo: I've to go to bed as well...be back tomorrow!:P
  4. congrats.........
    what is it?????
  5. I'm not going to guess because I am absolutely clueless in regards to men's LV items, but congrats ;)
  6. messeneger of some kind? damier geant?
  7. Bosphore Bum Bag or Damier Geronimos!!! :graucho:
  8. the shape like damier geant messenger bag bu can be any messenger bag..
  9. Whatever it is ,(I'll check back later), congrats!!!!!
  10. Whatever it is, congrats!
  11. I think it's a messenger bag. Congrats on whatever it is! Can't wait to see pics!:yahoo:
  12. oooh what is it?
  13. Yup. Some kinda Messenger... My guesses:

    Damier Geant Messager [Terre]
    That new Damier Geant bag with handles... can't think of the name!
  14. I vote for damier geant! How can you sleep, keeping us in suspense like this? ;)
  15. just woken up... thanks all for the congrats.
    angelica, i couldnt sleep well actually. keep waking up for some reasons. damn!

    to everyone who said it's a messenger bag, i wouldn't say that it's a messenger bag (because its smaller). so its not damier geant messenger. you guys are close though.

    should i upload pics with me wearing it or not? i'm not confident enough to pose in front of other LV fans. hahaha..