YAY!!! bought my first twilly and pocketsquare :)

  1. After reading obsessively through many scarves posts, I decided that I needed one....or two :smile: So I looked around online for different designs and called up customer service (from the hermes site) and located the two designs that I wanted...Luckily, SCP had the design I wanted bc my best friend lives there and she went to pick it up for me yesterday and will mail it out to me this morning :yahoo:

    I'll post pics when I get them...I got the Les Triples pocketsquare in pink and my best friend picked out a Cles twilly in turquoise w/green (I haven't seen this design but I trust her taste and she says its really pretty! the SA said it was a new...anyone have pics of it?)

    i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay...had to share with you guys...:wlae:
  2. They both sound fabulous! Can't wait to see them.
  3. Congrats! Both are gorgeous!
  4. Yay congrats! I think we have matching twillys :biggrin:
  5. Airmess: After reading everyone's advice, I decided to pass on it...It seemed like the majority of ppl were saying that it would be great to use as an evening bag...and seeing that I have a 2.5 year old toddler with one on the way, there are not very many evenings out planned in the near future lol...I would have loved to get it and was so excited (thanks Japster for giving me the heads up on it) but I think i need to wait it out for something that I can use more frequently...thanks everyone for your input :smile:

    Neeya: I hope thats the one she got for me bc if it is, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! yay!!! any advice on how you wear it? and with what outfits (color scheme etc)
  6. Congrats!!! Please model them for us .
  7. I wore it for the first time to class yesterday ^_^ I wore a black knee length layered skirt, with a white Lacoste polo, and a ruffled blue jean jacket over top (one of my faves from Anthropologie last year!!), with thin gold hoop earrings and gold ballet flats, and I wore the twilly in my hair to add some color (like a headband ^^). I received several compliments on it ^_^

    I would normally have worn it with a more colorful outfit (like a white skirt and a blue polo), but since it's winter, and though I do wear white in winter, I'm tired of getting snarky looks from the Vera Bradley-carrying sorority chicks at my school :rolleyes:
  8. neeya: tell those girls that they do NOT know what they are talking about...you can now wear white YEAR ROUND! post pics of you wearing your twilly! i'd love to see it on ya :smile:
  9. Hey boobie!!! YAY!!!! You got the twilly and the pocket square!!! Those were my first H twilly and pocket square that I got too!!! You will love them!!! Glad you were able to locate them!!! I really want the pink one (for my future DD, if I ever have one)!!! I have the cream colorway w/ hot pink keys in the Les cles twilly and the orange colorway in the Les triples pocket square. CONGRATS again!

    Pics of pocket square and twilly

    Birkin & Orange H Pocket Square.jpg
  10. Both are so CUTE!! Can't wait to see modeling pictures. I LOVE POCKET Squares!!:yahoo: Congatulations!
  11. YAAY boobie!!! don't forget to post pics of u wearing them!!
  12. I want some twillies to wear in my hair also...I think you'll love yours boobie!!