Yay!!!! Bleeker Large Duffle in Canary is finally here!

  1. Hello All:

    Here are some pictures of my new Bleeker Large Duffle in Canary Yellow.
    This is a true Spring Color and I love it. This is item number 11423 and
    just super! I love the Bleeker Duffle style alot and am so glad Coach decided
    to bring this style back!
    IMG0004_12.jpg IMG0005_5.jpg IMG0002_15.jpg
  2. Liz, that is one super HOT bag!!!! Congrats and enjoy her!!! Are you saving her for the spring/summer or are you going to wear her out and about now?
  3. I am going to start carrying her right away next week in the New Year. I need something to cheer me up with the grey days that you and I have here in NY.
    That is just why I bought this bag, to get me through the winter doldrums.
  4. HMMMMM........that may be what I NEED as well!!!!!! Congrats again...she's GORGEOUS!!!!!
  5. Liz! It's beautiful! If that bag doesn't get you through a dreary winter, nothing will! I'm looking forward to my Madeline now more than ever after seeing your bright and happy bag!! (mine's an exchange by mail though so will take about 10 business days!) I really like this bag and all the gorgeous colors that they're making it in!
  6. I love that color! I wasn't too impressed with the duffles, but you're making me rethink that with that beautiful canary!
  7. Beautiful color!!!
  8. I hope they make more bags in this color , its hot !
  9. Great idea! You are really going to stand out from the crowd with this color. Love it!
  10. WOW:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  11. That is a pretty colour! :love: I love the Bleeker duffles.
  12. Beautiful, bright color! Love it!
  13. That's a seriously hot bag, Liz! That color is like a warm burst of sunshine...so pretty! I can't tell you how much I'm loving my rust duffle--it is just so easy to wear and is great with my kids. It's my way of being a bit stylish while trying to keep up with my herd in public!
  14. I love the canary color! Congrats!!
  15. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!