YAY--bf went to put his name on the list

  1. for a birkin today!!

    They told him the wait will be around 1 yr or so...

    Ive been debating either a blue jean or red color but if its a red--it would have to be a bright fire-engine red which I was told they only make in 1 type of leather nowdays? Is that true...

    I know its hard to tell with color swatches on the computer but it seemed like rouge vif was a pretty nice bright red.

    Also--trying to do research on some leathers as I have seen Togo lots before but I wasnt sure if there were better ones suited for me...

    I definitely dont want it to scratch easily, not be too heavy, not collapse easily either--which would you girls say is the most coveted leather types--as well as bringing out the best in the blue jean or red color?

    Ive read some on here but there seems to be an encyclopedia of information heehee...

    Right now options are:

    1. 30 or 35cm

    2. Red or Blue Jean (leaning towards blue jean for this first one)

    3. palladium or gold hdw (do you girls think that the blue jean looks best with the palladium) theres only 2 main hdw colors right?

    4. leathers: (in no particular order of preference)
    a. Togo-seems pretty popular, textured, scratch resistant and not too too heavy right? How is it in rain, etc?
    b. Swift--this is new to me but it seems to do well with the colors bringing them to life according to the ref leather guide here on TPF
    c. Any of the Chevre--seems to be the all around good pick--is there any real difference besides the size of the grain in appearance? And how does it hold up--does it slouch much?
    d. Vachee liegee-new to me too and seems to do well with rigidity and scratch resistant.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I cant wait to share it with you when it finally arrives!!

  2. Congats, that is so exiting, hope the year passes quickly for you :smile:
    Sorry but i cant help you with leathers etc, because i havent yet got a H bag:crybaby:BJ with palladium sounds gorgeous though. you are right, this forum is a great source of knowledge, and it is sooo good, it even makes you want things you never even thought you wanted.:graucho:
  3. Leather is as individual a choice as every other. Do you have a store nearby? If so there is no substitute for giving the leathers on display a stroke, a prod and a snif to see if they float your boat. If you want a certain amount of rigidity a chevre would be good but vache ligee may win that as it is stretched to develop a rigid feel.