Yay!!! Barneys CANCELLED my order!!

  1. and I'm happy about it b/c I changed my mind. I ordered a Grey Chic - and said to myself afterwards---hmmm maybe I shouldn't have dbought that and I'd see it in person and return it if I didn't like it. Well, looks like they made their decision for me. It got cancelled.

    Lesson: Barneys does NOT keep up-to-date inventory on their items!
  2. LoL... Lucky you! Saved yourself a return.
  3. Glad you're happy about it instead of disappointed!
  4. Ugh, that is the bag i wanted! I hate how Barneys pulls inventory from their store floors because by the time they process your order the item is likely gone.
  5. lol yay for you, you're order was cancelled......lol i don't think i'll be saying this too often (so i'll revel in it)