Yay! Awesome news! New purchase!!!

  1. My SA found me a black 2.55 reissue in black with gold hardware, so I bought it right up!

    Question: how many reissues is too many? I am thinking I kind of like the dark silver 225, and have a SA holding that for me too...
  2. 225 thats the small one right? where did you find it at?
  3. call joseph at Saks nyc RIGHT NOW, I'm letting it go!
  4. is it small or medium? thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you
  5. small, but none of the reissues are that small? it is 1995.
  6. 1995? I just called it was on voice mail...so its tiny you mean...thanx so much by the way
  7. Congrats Lovey, I have the 226 re-issue in Grey, and it my favorite Chanel bag.
  8. I love that bag too, Michelle. Black and Grey were my favorites in this collection.

    I am still stunned that I got it! Basically every sales associate I have called in the last week has told me to "forget about it," but Damien at Bala Cynwyd in PA found it in St. Louis!

    I'm on cloud nine :cutesy:
  9. ... and, to top it all off, apparently it is like BRAND NEW, perfect condition.

  10. congrats!!
  11. beautiful...i have to get one one day....enjoy it!
  12. Congrats! Glad you had a lucky day!
  13. I have it in grey and love it.

  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! :yahoo:

    I LOVE re-issues!!! I think they are the most beautiful bags ever made--I just :heart: mine!

    You asked how many re-issues is too many...hmm, I only have one, but I would love to have more--one in each color sounds great!!!
  15. cool! Congrats!