Yay Apple Green First arrived today!

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  1. Just wanted to share my joy with you ladies!
    I'm in love with the bright color and the leather. :love:
    Sorry about the blurry pictures.:smile:

    AG1.jpg AG2.jpg AG3.jpg
  2. Love the color! You look great with it!!
  3. Congrats, I love AG, looks GREAT on you!!!!
  4. Love It!!!!
  5. You are so cute and look like a doll.:P It looks great on you.:tup: Congrats.:yahoo: You should consider becoming a model.:yes:
  6. You are so pretty and the bag is cute too
  7. 0o0o0o looking awesome!!! :o) congrats!!! totally my fav green!!! thanks for sharing pics!!!
  8. the color is so yummy, congrats!!
  9. What a great standout color. Congrats!
  10. :drool:I love your AG First!! Congratulations!!
  11. Congrats! The Apple Green looks awesome on you!!! I have the same bag and find that I can wear it with a lot more than I originally thought. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Congrats what a great find your bag looks lovely and you are so cute
  13. *dies* loves it!
  14. BEAUTIFUL! It looks great on you and you are so gorgeous and exotic-looking! Are you by chance part Asian?
  15. ^^ congrats, you & miss apple rock :rochard: