Yay - another new keyfob!

  1. I love this one - it is so pretty with the multi-layers, and such a nice bright color. I really have to get all of my stuff out for some pictures! Still waiting on Mr. Lion keyfob...
    daisy keyfob.jpg
  2. Cute! I can see that you love keyfobs!
  3. Super cute! Love the new keyfob! Congrats!! :tup:
  4. I have that one and love it!
  5. Adorable! I only have one but can't wait to buy more.
  6. Yup, Ive learned its a fairly inexpensive way to get my Coach fix!
  7. So cute and springy!!
  8. I bought that one last March during PCE. Nice find!
  9. Just in time for spring. That flower keyfob is cute.
  10. yay for new keyfobs!! I am watching some on eBay right now.. I missed a bee one that ended this morning for $23 something... I slept in!!!!
  11. Oh no!!! Yea when I get bored now I stalk eBay for these things! I hope you find your bee!
  12. You are on a keyfob roll, Donna! Love the flower!
  13. Love it, so pretty!!!
  14. Love the color and all the petals! Congrats!
  15. too cute! love it!