Yay! Another new keyfob! An Anchor!

  1. man i'm really REALLY not excited about that... LOL but maybe that's cuz i live in maine and that's the norm here :shame: sry lol
  2. thats cute. they should come out with a charm one thats white patent on one side and red shiny on the other with a navy blue trim. that'd be even better.
  3. I graduated from high school and went to college in Maine. Loved it so much!

    My family is really into boating and we have a summer lakehouse, so I DO love anything nautical... but definitely not paying $48 for that keychain! :p
  4. it's basic, but cute! i love it!
  5. I think it's cute. I like the turtle better though!!
  6. yay!... something from coach that my maybe my husband will finally like. :smile:

  7. totally!!
  8. I like it.. but I think it's something guys could carry. I'd like to see a more "feminine" version of this.. (not sure what though)
  9. I would love to see a feminine version of this car keyfob, too. My daughter turns 16 this year and I want to get one for her... I prefer the keyfob charms that are the leather/patent leather vs. the metal/enamel ones...

  10. Don't like it...
  11. < was in the USN.....so i say "love it".
  12. Not feeling it either...and I am a native Main-ah!
  13. I know! I saw this today and was thinking about getting it for my mom - my parents own a restaurant bar called Captain's Corner - totally nautically themed and thought it would be cute!
  14. My husband really liked this one. It's cute, but ITA with alexag: I'd like it much better as a charm type material (like the new turtle keyfob).