YAY another bday pressie *pics*

  1. OOH I'm so happy! Saw Brenda (a.k.a brendating) y'day and she gave me my b'day pressie off her and her DH the FLEURS keyring!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
    I have been wanting this for ages but when I asked my SA he said oh no all sold out and I totally regretted not looking at it while in London. As my boyf said not to bother looking at it when I asked about it. Little did I know they were all in on it!

    Brenda THANK YOU so much I love it!!!!! :tender: :flowers:
    fleurs bag-box.jpg fleurs 1.jpg fleurs 2.jpg fleurs 3.jpg
  2. Here's some modelling pics with Gold Miroir Lockit, Azur Speedy 25 and Cabas Piano.
    lockit with fleurs.jpg azur with fleurs.jpg cabas piano with fleurs.jpg
  3. aw how sweet of her
    it's soooo cute...congrats & happy birthday
  4. Such a cute keychain!! I think it looks best on the Damier Azur Speedy... ;)
  5. Love it!!! It's so cute!
  6. Very sweet.
  7. Congratulations.
  8. Wow....
    Great B-day gift !!
    Congrats and HBD !!
  9. Great present! It looks great on your bags. Happy Birthday!
  10. Congrats it's a beauty.

    Are you & brenda coming to the Leeds meet in November??

  11. :crybaby:Sorry, but we can't make it. Would have loved to have gone but it's impossible to get a weekend off. :crybaby:
  12. happy birthday, what a great gift!
  13. ^it's set for a friday now it seemed a little easier for most people
  14. Congrats and Happy Birthday!
  15. Happy birthday and enjoy. What a great surprise.