Yay Amarante Reade is here!

  1. Received my amarante reade from let-trade, love the color. Very happy with the whole transaction :tup:

    vuitton amarante.jpg

    Here they are together, amarante and pomme:

    amarante and pomme.jpg
  2. Aha! :idea:So you're the one who bought that! Congrats! Such a nice pair.
  3. :yes: I had to grab it quick, the color is to die for.
  4. love the color, congrats.
  5. Ooh congrats!! This is one of the bags I want to get!
  6. congrats! so cute!
  7. Wow, they both look fabulous next to one another.

  8. congrats, they look great side by side
  9. Very pretty! I love my Pomme Reade.........hmm.......
  10. wow, nice!! I want something in amarante!!! congrats.
  11. I love the color in the smaller bags! They are both gorgeous!
  12. omg,this is sooo super pretty!
  13. It's so cute, and wow let-trade has stuff fast !

    Congrats !
  14. wow congrats!!! I love those little vernis bags!!! it's very cute in amarante!
  15. Thanks for all the nice comments :heart:, I took her out today for a few hours and now have a new favourite, sorry pomme.

    Let-trade shipped on Monday and here she is delivered by Thursday :tup: