YAY! A new "Office" this week! FINALLY!

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  1. Am I the only one who'se pumped?
  2. Soooo excited I :heart: The Office
  3. I'm SOOOOOO excited! I'm a little obsessed with this show!
  4. I cannot wait! I love this show so much (have all of the DVDs, too) and I've missed it so much. Did anyone else see the preview? Michael has a dinner party and Dwight doesn't get invited.
  5. yay!

    did i miss something? is that uptight accountant (can't think of her name) dating andy now???
  7. Angela and Andy are dating-- she broke it off with Dwight and finally gave in to Andy's advances.
    Yeah, I am excited too! I love this show.

  8. wow! i gotta check tbs.com!!
  9. I can't wait. :yahoo:

  10. Yeah. the preview looks:roflmfao:. Poor Dwight. I wonder how they're going to hide Angela's pregnancy??
  11. :yahoo:
  12. I'm ready!

  13. It's about freaking time! I'm so excited too!

  14. wwwwwhhhhhatttt????!!!

    oh my gosh! where have i been?! who is angela's baby's daddy???

  15. She's preggers IRL, and showing, from the pics I saw.