YAY 1st LV piece!!!! BUT.. very disapointed with service!!! (PICS & long post)

  1. Hi everyone! after weeks of stalking this forum i finally purchased my 1st LV !!!!:love: only small but colour is TDF and i havent seen many on the forum!
    I brought it to match my damier speedy which i will be getting next week!!!:yahoo:

    My story!:
    I was at university and had some free time, so me and my 3 friends decided to take a trip to LV. We walked up to the glass door and the security guard looked me up and down, and i sware he wasnt even going to open the door for us! he took aaaaggggeees to open it, and when he finally did he gave me a dirty look and didnt even say hello! :shrugs: so i smiled and said hello to him instead!
    we walked in and there was a family finishing buying a few things, so downstairs was full. we walked upstairs and 2 SAs were there, not one of them asked any of us for help!:rant: from this i began to get slightly angry, but left it.
    I went over to one of the SAs and asked her if she had the cles in pomme d'amour. she looked at me and said very rudely, "I cannot understand what you are saying" i said the exact same thing again, "What, I CAN NOT hear what you are saying!" i looked at her and said as slow as i could the same thing, she said "yeh its downstairs".
    i could not believe it!:cursing:
    of we went downstairs, and what turned out to be the manager reacted in the same way! no offer for help, just leaving me in the middle of the store to try and see the pomme! I was soooooo angry!!! they could not have cared less if i was a cockroach! actually they probably would have taken more notice!
    it wasnt until the family had gone that the man SA who was serving them,served me! and there were 3 more SAs in the store!!!!:mad:
    he was lovely and showed me loads of little charms etc!:love:
    once i paid, the *%$£^&* security guard then had the nerve to smile at me!!!:cursing:

    I am 19, so are my friends, should we complain? what do you think?my 3 friends didnt purchase anything due to the poor service!!!

    Anyway, here is my baby!!!
  2. Very cute cles! Congrats on your first piece!

    As for the horrible treatment, I would send a letter off immediatly to the manager about the horrible service. Definitely complain! That just should not happen!!
  3. Were the SA's French or English? I know French people love to pretend they can not understand you if you make slight pronunciation errors.
  4. Congrats on your first piece! But yeah, definitely write them a letter, or complain to someone! You don't deserve that kind of treatment!
  5. oooh! nice cles! congrats!
    Complain? nah... Usually those people will ask you specifically what the SA said that offended you and if you just say "they had a bad attitude"...well LV won't do much about that cuz 'bad attitude' is relative and subjective ya know? I'm not trying to say that you're too picky, but I've had similar experiences too when I was a bit younger (18) and complaining about the SA's attitude just made me look like a spoiled teen.
    Also, it might have been the timing cuz like you said, downstairs was totally full, so they might've been kinda busy. Next time try going in the morning when there are less people and I hope you'll enjoy it then :biggrin:
  6. Nice purchase Luva Pug!

    I think she said that the manager also acted snotty, so I would have sent a letter further up. Is there another store you could go to? Because this one acted like they didn't want your service, and if I was treated that way, I wouldn't have bought anything (well, not from them).
  7. omg i would be soooo upset. the one time i went to Lv they were kinda the same i was 19 at the time...went in to buy a papillon or a speedy...went out with nothing. have they forgotten....they uhhh WORK there. Were shopping there. wtf...if ppl cant be nice and helpful the should probably get out of customer service....uhh....this thread made me angry. brings back memories. now that im in my 20s and have a decent amount of LV they arent so snotty but...reguardless....of who they are waiting on...they should be friendly...i mean its not like you guys were punk ass kids causing a scene
  8. congrats! but sorry you had to go through that...
  9. I'm sorry to hear what horrible service you got. But you got a wonderful 1st LV piece. And it'll look great on your speedy!!!
  10. congrats on your cles :yahoo: I'm sorry that the treatment was so bad, but good a nice SA helped you in the end. SA's should really understand that what they do reflects the company and stop being so arrogant.

    totally OT, but I love you avatar:love: I've been in touch with different breeders about getting a pug this year too :yahoo:
  11. Awww, that's sad, but your cles is beeeyoootiful!! It positively sparkles!

    I don't know why people act like that. Just keep being your sweet self.
  12. That's too bad, don't let it get you down :smile:
  13. Lovely cles. Sorry about your treatment though.
  14. Sometimes you just have to rise above snotty people!
    Your new piece is beautiful; I love the shimmer!
  15. it wasnt right at all, but maybe they deal with lots of younger crowds coming in and not shopping...lil did they know that you were purchasing an item...but enjoy ur new cles! its adorable!!!