Yasmin and Acne?

  1. I started Yasmin about 3 months ago...I did really well for the first two months...(putting aside some breast tenderness and nausea)...but now, I seem to be breaking out..BADLY...I always had an occasional pimple around my period...but this is absolutely horrible! Does anyone have a similar experience? Will this continue or is it temporary?
    TIA :smile:
  2. I've tried that one too, i got if when i was in France, but then when i went to the docter home he told me i should try Diane instead, i'm not sure if you've heard of it. But i found it much better than Yasmin :biggrin:
  3. I've always had skin issues, but Yasmin made my skin much, much worse. I kept taking it for a few months, but my skin just continued to break our more and more. I'd talk to you doctor and try something else because for me, the break outs were not temporary.
  4. Huh, when I was on Yasmin my skin cleared up to perfect, I really liked it for that reason. Unfortunately, it gave me horrible mood swings - I was a wreck for the 3 months I was on it. I guess that each form of bc works differently for everyone!
  5. Yeah I agree with you, i don't think it gave me mood swings, but then again i'm like up and down all the time anyway so i wouldn't know
  6. hm... i think yaz is supposed to treat acne. i havent had any problems since taking it. you might want to switch to another brand.
  7. My doc gave me yasmin for my acne. That in conjunction with the spiro has worked great.
  8. Hmm it seems everyone reacts differently! I think im going to give it one more month...if the breakouts dont stop...then I will definitely need to look into another pill...Thanks so much :biggrin:
  9. You should try yaz. It didn't change ANYTHING for me.. no bad moodswings, cramps, acne, or any type of discomfort. It's one fo the newest bc pills out there so it may work a little better for you.
  10. try changing your bc. how about ortho tricyclen? i'm on the Lo.
  11. I'm on yasmin as an actual BC ... but it has helped clear up my skin. So 2 birds with one stone in my case :yes:

    Oh and PS when I was like 15ish my dermatologist put me on Yasmin to help with my skin... So that's weird if it makes it worse! :push:
  12. I was on Yasmin about 2 1/2 years ago and had horrible cystic acne and horrible mood swings. I waited for several months because the Dr. told me that it gets worse before it gets better, but it kept getting worse!! I would not even want to leave the house to go to the gym because I had to put on makeup because my acne was so bad!! Then I switched to Ortho Cylen Lo and started using ProActiv and it is way better now!
    One good thing about yasmin was that I had the flattest stomach that I will ever have though!
  13. I've been on yasmin for a few years and it helps keep my weight stable and keeps the pimples away (most of them, I'm only 22). I did notice that it has made me very emotional though.

    It's very different for everyone because different people tolerate different levels of hormones.

    I had to experiment with 3 or 4 before i found one 1 i liked.
  14. I think if yaz doesn't work for you, you should def try antoher pill. But Yaz is made for treating acne and bad skin alongside being a BC pill.
    I've tried proactive too, but it didn't work for me as i thought it would, it only got a little better but then when i stoped using it i got bad skin again..