Yard sale vintage bag find for 45 cents!

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  1. #1 Sep 26, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2010
    I stopped at a yard sale yesterday and spotted a very pretty dark blue velvet evening bag in near-mint condition for only 45 cents.

    The bag looks like it was never worn, or perhaps it was carried one time and then carefully put away. It has goldtone hardware with mother-of-pearl (probably plastic) trim. It is lined in navy satin with blue satin piping and it came with several accessories including: a small satin coin purse attached by a fine goldtone chain, a silver-backed cosmetic mirror that was still wrapped in the original paper bag, and a tiny plastic comb. The coin purse is lined with gold satin.

    Inside the bag it is stamped "Edwards Bags Ltd" in gold letters under a crown, and the same logo appears on the back of the little mirror.

    I have been trying to research Edwards bags and have found a few bags for sale claiming that the bags are from the 1930s and 40s. One of the bags has a bakelite handle so it is probably pretty old.

    The Bag Lady Emporium site has history of the company going back to 1949 under the names of Spot-Lite, Edwards, Lowy & Mund, and L&M. I am guessing that my bag is from the 1950s but if any one has more information about Edwards Bags, I'd love to hear about it! I don't think that they were ever "designer bags" but they were good quality "ladylike" purses. Ads for Edwards bags appeared in some fashion-forward publications including Vogue.

    I've attached a few pics of my lovely little find to this message and will upload some more attached to the message below. Isn't she a sweet little vintage bag?!

    And here are links to info about Edwards bags and some listings for a few other bags (not my auctions!)





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  2. Here are the rest of the pics of my blue velvet Edwards bag:

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  3. Congrats! That's quite a find.
  4. Beautiful!
  5. Thanks! I am beginning to feel a little guilty about getting her for such a ridiculously cheap price; maybe I should go back and offer more money?! :confused1:
  6. Great score!!!! Enjoy!
  7. Beautiful!! Vintage bags are so well made.
  8. what a great find!
  9. Great find and an amazing price... Enjoy... If the seller sold it for that price they were ok with it ... they just wanted to get rid of it...
  10. You're right, thanks!
  11. #11 Sep 27, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
    Great find. I have been snapping up these kinds of finds at GW and SA lately. Just love to research out the history of these older bags and they are generally a cheap purchase.

    I found one a few months back, a Corde, in mint condition that I tracked back to the
    40's or 50's.

    Mine is not as fancy but it has the same black roping work.

  12. What a great find and how fun that you found her at a yard sale :smile:

    Enjoy her!
  13. Yard/Garage Sales are great places to spot these treasures.
    You scored! Love it, Enjoy It and Carry IT!!
  14. It is in GREAT condition!! What a darling bag. I am baffled at the price! I wonder why they chose .45 instead of .50??? :smile:
  15. Good find...I'm seriously jealous.