Yard Sale Pricing

  1. I need some help! I am having a yard sale next weekend (for three reasons)...1) to clean out my closets, 2) to raise money for the American Cancer Society and 3) to make some money towards the new Louis Vuitton Speedy Mini Lin I have my eye on. :yahoo: Anyway, my dilema is how to price my authentic designer bags. I have several bags that I want to sell....all authentic!....two vintage guccis, 2 vintage louis vuittons, a classic black coach, a dooney, etc. I also have a new gucci makeup case, a new gucci wallet (from Italy), some new coach wristlets, etc. Its a yard sale, so I don't want to make the prices unreasonable. But I don't want to give away my bags for cheap either. I was thinking around $50 (or lower) for each. What's your opinion?
  2. You can't get much from yard sales, but if you want to give it a try yhou could look up the completed listings on eBay and then give them the going price. Although, I really think you would do way better on eBay. Good luck!
  3. 2nd the eBay completed listing suggestion and I'd add putting a post on craigslist (if you live in an area served by craigslist) with photos and letting people know you'll have authentic bags at your yard sale. You might have more than one person showing up wanting them and you can get closer to the price you want.
  4. ^^^ITA, People usually expect to find "steals" at yard sales so I recommend selling on Ebay so you can get a fair price.
  5. Most people aren't looking for or aren't interested in designer items at a yard sale. They are primarily looking for ultra-low prices.

    If you want anywhere near a fair price (even $50, which is likely far too low), you really should list them on eBay instead.
  6. i agree with doing it on ebay...i made the mistake of trying to sell some bags at yard sales and made squat on really great bags...so now i do do ebay all the time...with some coach bags, i've actually gotten MORE than what i originally paid! for the extra time you put into doing ebay, it's totally worth it!
  7. whoa! are you by any chance within the tri-state area?
  8. I was thiking the same thing....... do you live by me ?? I'll come by your yard sale.............. Most definitely go with Ebay- people at yard sales expect to pay no more than a couple bucks and even that they'll haggle over !!
  9. Yeah-you'll def. do better on eBay. Just remember it costs to list, and eBay takes $$ on the backend for final value fees. Then, there are paypal fees, but overall, your success rate will be much higher, and you'll get tons more exposure! I'm not a yard sale person myself, but I'd certainly be at them more often if I thought I'd be finding designer purses! lol!:yes:
  10. do not sell your designer stuff at a yard sale.. people come to those things with pocket change and STILL try to talk down insanely cheap prices. ;)

    Ebay it baby!
  11. I agree, I'd sell the bags on eBay, you could get a lot more money for them.
  12. I'd try ebay... you'll get way more!!!
  13. mmmm urrrr uhhhhh please tell me u live in arizona!
  14. I am glad I found this thread. I was trying to figure out how to get rid of all my bags I no longer want.