Yard Sale Coach!

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  1. Hi, there!

    So I was on the yard sale circuit today (YEAH!) and one lady had a number of coach's. I have no doubt that they were real, but I was wondering about the prices.

    What would you pay for a real brown signature small (slim, perhaps?) Carly that was barely used? I thought that it was a bit too much so I walked away but now I'm kicking myself.

    I ended up getting just a keyfob (the flip flop in pink) and a wristlet. Opinions on the Carly? What should the price be? :shrugs:
  2. What was the price?
  3. I think 200 and lower for a large Carly would be fairly reasonable. For a yard sale maybe 150?
  4. crap. it was $125 but it seemed so much smaller than the ones that i had seen in macy's... i wasn't sure how good of a deal it was and i was really hoping to get a bigger bag...
  5. Sounds like the regular sized Carly, the slim is wider.
    The two slim ones I have cost me about $250 each. The regular Carly cost me $219... So $125 was a deal if it was the slim, heck even the regular! I would have haggle though :P