y'all were right

  1. just got a honey spy and now I want more.

    addicted? maybe.
  2. Congrats, the honey color is gorgeous...pics?
  3. I'll try to take pics as soon as I can. I'm kinda swampped with realtors (selling my house and there're people EVERYWHERE in here right now for the realtor caravan) and doing my statistics homework (inferentials, OH JOY!)
  4. OMGGG~!!! PICS PICS!! I love the honey, congrats! (forget the stats, take pics! NOW!) :nuts::yahoo::yes:
  5. Yes please, would love to see pics!
  6. yes!! pics!! congrats!!
  7. Congrats :nuts: Can't wait to see :wlae:
  8. Just saw one IRL a few weeks ago. Oh so lovely! Congrats on a beautiful bag.
  9. Congrats on the new bag....Enjoy!!