Ya'll like my new Bulga or what?

  1. LOL. So yeah, what do you think of my new Bulga? I didnt know what to expect, as this is my first Bulga, but I got it today and I pretty much love it. The strap is perfect for shoulder use, the bag is divided into different compartments, the lining is supercute, and even the cell phone holder is awesome! (It is lined in leather and roomy!)

    I bought the bag from Delcina's deal of the week. Translation: Phatty deal! I liked the bag so much, that I bought another in a lighter brown from the Purse Store when they were having their sale. So now I have a dark espresso brown and a light cognac brown Bulga and I love them both, and I pretty much got both for the price of one! :wlae:

    Just out of curiosity, which color do you think is prettier? The dark or light brown?
    Do you have a Bulga? How do you like it
  2. i think they are equally pretty with different outfits!
  3. What great deals! I've always been a fan of darker browns, so I like the first one best, but they're both lovely.
  4. I got the dark brown (mustang) in the same style that you have. I absolutely love it. I love all the pockets that it came with. I love the leather and the light weight of the bag. The bag certainly got me hooked to Bulga. I got a few bags after this one (Including one Gryson Tutu and a Matinee). But my response was just lukewarm.
  5. Very pretty! I like the dark brown.
  6. They're lovely! Great deals too...I definitely favor the darker brown bag...Enjoy:tup:
  7. I have the Mustang color (Dark Brown) and have to say that color. I am glad that you got such a great deal and love the bag. I love the bag as well, my only wish the straps were longer.
  8. Aw, thanks ladies! Im really feeling this bag! Bulga nailed everything with this bag, it has great organization, awesome leather, luxe detailing, adorable interior lining, lots of convenient pockets, and a very comfortable fitting shoulder strap. My rating for this bag 9/10!!! Excellent!!!!

    (I rate it 9 because I feel the tassels could be a bit shorter but other than that this bag is awesome)

    I will definitely recommend this bag to others!
  9. OOO purty!!

    Hey GUNG.... what's the cute thing w/ feet on yer avatar?
  10. I LOVE Bulga! I have been using my Crescent Satchel in the Dk brown Mustang color this week and find myself reaching to smoosh the leather all day (bag sits on my desk at work). I just adore Bulga leather...glad you are happy with your bag- it's beautiful!!!

  11. I have no idea! I think it's adorable though!

    Maybe a gerbil?

  12. It's so cute and smooshy looking!!!!!!
  13. Very cute and love the lining!
  14. Very cute! I like the darker brown better. Bulga leather is always so nice to touch. It's raining here so I haven't had a chance to use mine in a while. Enjoy your new Bulgas!
  15. I love that bag! Is it heavy? If you can post modeling pics, that would be delightful:flowers: