Y'all, follow Ignes!!

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  1. http://twitter.com/ignesbags

    Follow Ignes so they will get into tweeting!! I have been wanting them to do Twitter....just think, real-time news of when a leather is running low etc!! :nuts:
  2. Nice!

    Did anyone get the newsletter she referenced? I just ask to be added and wonder if I fell through the cracks....
  3. I just got it like, an hour ago.
  4. SWEET TWEETS! lol

    I already emailed her for "more information" ROFL :X
  5. ^^^^Hhahahhahaha Irainei...bet I beat ya!! LOL
  6. OK we must be bombarding Maria about sale leather selection....She emailed she is putting the list together at this moment and will let us all know when she has it together!!

    How exciting!!! ROUND TWO!
  7. ^ LOL, yup, I just emailed her with a secondary question regarding the leather selection! (My first question was about the new classification of leathers as "Classics", though.)
  8. Ha I figured she would be bomabrded as soon as I realized that the "click here" link just was to send her an email, so I refrained. Please let us know as soon as you guys get info!

  9. I'm sure you did LOL since you got a response already!

    I can't wait to see what leathers are included! I'm crossing my fingers!!!
  10. Perhaps it was a mailing list....I did email, so I am assuming she will email the list to everyone that responded?
  11. Pretty sure she will Euridice...at the last sale she had mentioned maybe adding more leathers in the end...but I guess they decided to just do another sale....Hey that works for me!
  12. well, I am too broke to participate. Sigh. I hope they do this again in teh fall!! Then I will hopefully be ready to go for my first Luisa!!

    What is everyone thinking of getting?

    Did everyone sign up to follow Ignes??
  13. I'm thinking for sure a Luisa...and possibly a mini E. I'm still wavering on colors though. Watermelon bag may not work out quite as well as I thought (colors are great, texturally, not so much...)... any thoughts on Aubergine? I was looking at Aubergine/Acqua or Turquoise.
  14. I requested an Aubergine swatch Irainei, it's being sent with my bags though, so hopefully it will arrive in time for the sale. I'll let you know when it arrives and I'll share....
  15. Finally! Thanks for the heads up, Euridice.