Y'all are dangerous...

  1. Sure, I've always loved B bags from afar, but I never thought about actually owning one until I came here, started reading this forum and decided I really should go into Barney's for a closer look. I was just going to look!

    And then I saw a Grenat Day that CLEARLY wanted to come home with me. I had a little thought in the back of my mind that if I ever got a Balenciaga it would be a City and it would be black. But once I picked up this bag I couldn't put her down. She's mine now. I love her. And after carrying her for two days I seriously want another one, too. Truly addictive.
  2. Congrats to your first bag! That is exactly how it happened with me some time ago. Watch where you tread on this forum, your collection might unexpectedly multiply from seeing all the photos floating around here. ;)
  3. congrats on your first bbag it is so exciting!!! Welcome to tpf, can wait to see pics!!!
  4. congrats!!! i hope you will post pictures.
  5. Congratulations and welcome to the addiction! :smile:
  6. Congratulations!!! I hope to see pics too!
  7. Yup, she's hooked!
  8. Muh ha ha ha ha... welcome to our world!! :devil::devil::devil:
  9. *giggle*

    I concur :yes:

    tPF is the cause of my very miserable bank statement but also such a source of information and much joy!

    Welcome and congrats on your bag!!
  10. That's exactly what happened to me to. Congrats to your new "baby"!
  11. I have a Grenat Day too and love it to the nth degree!!:love:
    Congrats on your first bbag purchase:yahoo: More to come definitely:graucho: :P:lol:
  12. my thoughts on this... 1 bbag is OK. you're normal.

    once you get two though... the friggin' little things BREED and suddenly you have 15 and the UPS man is knocking at your front door twice a week with his judgey-judgey eyes.
  13. ^^ :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao:

    judgey-judgey eyes!
  14. well i guess it happens to everyone .i used to see the bals but was not interested then when i picked my truffle first i was hooked to it and also reading and seeing the picts in the forum i was hooked and i got another box in camel at the weekend and vowed never to get anymore but i know i will not rest till i save to buy another .its just the start........
  15. You're so right.I feel exactly the same thing,I've a black Twiggy and now,my only(lonely?)obsession is:when and how(have I to spare or to sell some lovely bags of my collection?) to get a Work or a City?
    Hope to watch your picts soon!I'm sure your bag is gorgeous!