yak attack!!!

  1. last saturday i met up with the usual suspects at hermes KOP for shopping, lunch and shopping, and took home the most amazing thing -- it's a throw/blanket made of yak wool. :wtf: which, by the way, is a soft as cashmere and outrageously snuggly. it's the most amazing shades of olive green with potiron accents, and i think looks great when worn as a shawl.

    this gets the A+++ DQ seal of approval. i'm already wanting the claret one i left behind . . . .

  2. That is so pretty :love: I love the colors.
  3. Love, love, love the yak blanket! It is so soft and snuggly. But, it looks equally beautiful as a shawl. Can we get a modeling pic, DQ? Please????
  4. LOVE the yak, yes DQ, model please!
  5. That's major!!! The title kind of scared me at first...
  6. Love it.
    I love things like this when I am traveling by plane.
  7. Ok.....now THAT'S gorgeous!!!!! I love those colors!!!!!
  8. :wtf: Gorgeous!!
    I wonder if my hubby would be allergic to YAK?! LOL He's allergic to cashmere, poor boy, but he loves having a blanket to snuggle in when he's watching TV.
  9. You know how when you're at H you see things and say..that's so "inset name here"...that blanket is SOOOOO DQ...it is you...I don't know how you left her behind the first time!
  11. Oh wow! That is just gorgeous DQ!!!! Well done!!!
  12. it looks really soft. what a great find!
  13. Indeed, every time DQ walks into our dinky H store, she snuggles up to that blanket. Honestly, I don't think anyone carries this blanket off as well as she does. Well, let's just say it this way. If I put it on, I'd just look like something this blanket was originally made for. :sweatdrop:
  14. That is gorgeous!!! I just love the colors!!! OMG!!
    I want it....

    Where do they get the yak fur? Are there yaks in france? Where is the blanket made?
    My inner anthropologist is thinking about trade routes again...

    OH, and its really fun to say yak........i never realized that!

    yak yaK yak yak

    WOO HOO DQ!!!
  15. ^^I am stone cold sober, I swear!