yahyahyahyaahhhhh!!! it's FINALLY here!!!!! *PICS*

  1. i posted my excitement a couple weeks ago at finding this ring at pretty much a wholesale price after convincing myself i would have to pay full retail. seller e-mailed me 2 weeks after saying it was being held in customs! i was so :crybaby:

    but finally, a week later, here it issss!!!! john hardy batu sari mystic garnet diamond ring!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    stock photo:​

  2. congratz!! what a beauty
  3. It's very glamourous!!! Looks like a million bucks!! Congrats!
  4. thanks! i love it! i came home from work today and my mom says "show your dad your ring" so i walked over and held out my hand and he goes "oh my god" and i was like hahahaha yep! and i bought it for ME :smile: hehe. my mom kept wanting to try it on saying it was more suited for her hand and i'm like no you're just saying that cuz you want one now. lol.
  5. It looks smashing!!!! Wow!!!! :tup:
  6. that is such a nice ring, may I ask where you got it from?
  7. That's a gorgeous ring! And it looks lovely on your hand!
  8. Beautiful ring :drool:
  9. mmhmm ;) eBay. there's one seller on there that sells all authentic john hardy, and she has an abundance of pieces :yes:
  10. Beautiful ring! The garnet color is so rich!
  11. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. very pretty. congrats!
  13. wow it looks STUNNING on you!! love it!!!
  14. Congrats!
    it's stunning!!!
  15. I love JH and my birthstone is garnet......beautiful color!!!