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Jan 15, 2006

From left to right:

Damier Compact Zip Wallet - a present from my dad when I was 14. Back then I had no idea what Louis Vuitton was, or that this was an expensive it got battered around quite a bit. :suspiciou

Coach Signature Satchel #6828 - so sweet-looking...I fell in love with it last year. Not a good everyday bag because of the suede trimming but it's a great occasional bag!

Coach Suede Wristlet - cute but I can't use it much because despite the protectant I sprayed on it, dirt gets ingrained in the suede very easily.

Coach Signature Demi in green - I love this demi so much! I use it when I need to run to the supermarket real quick. I love that the handle can detach to form a wristlet strap.

Coach iPod case
- my sister got an iPod nano and has no use for this case anymore, so it's mine now!

Coach Metallic Pleated Wristlet in gold
- I love it because it can go from casual to almost formal. I clip it into the D-ring in my Batignolles Vertical and put my money, cell phone and keys in it.

Black leather briefcase from Crouch & Fitzgerald (a store in New York) - my dad bought this for me when I got my first internship when I was 20. I wish I took better care of got battered around a bit during my commutes on the train. Still beautiful though.

And....(*drum roll*)...

Batignolles Vertical
- :love::love::love: I'm so in love with it!!! My lovely and very generous sister bought it for me as a Christmas present this past December. I've used it every day since I got it. It will be an even greater everyday bag as of today because I just sprayed it with Shining Monkey Fabric Protector. :biggrin:


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Thanks everyone for your nice comments!

Sorry, I only got to attach the first 5 pics in that post. Here are the last 3:


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SuLi said:
the Coach pleated wristlet (thinking about getting it in black since I have the pleated hobo)
I just saw that one in your thread! Gorgeous. I think a metallic wristlet would look cute with it too.

I forgot to add....

Lovcat Ruffle Wallet - I have the green one....gave the fuschia one to my sister as a graduation present last May.


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