YAHOOOO!!! I got my Chanel Ritz at a...

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  1. Boy did I get lucky today. :yahoo:I went to a pawn/consignmet shop today. As I was leaving,I glanced over at the clothing area. There was a Chanel box behind the counter.
    I asked what was in it. He opens the box,takes the bag out,and I was like OMG!! No way. I gotta be dreaming here. It was the white patent Ritz I have been looking for sooo long. :love: I checked everything out. All was good. It wasn't easy trying to act casual and so-so about this. :graucho: If he had known I was dying to get this,the price more than likely would have gone up. We settled on a price and now I am the happiest girl on the planet.:yahoo:It's beautiful. I :love::love::love: it!!! Now if only spring would get here :hysteric:
    I hope the pics turn out. If not I am sorry.
    IM000898.JPG IM000902.JPG
  2. congrats om your new ritz.
  3. Congrats, it's beautiful!
  4. Congratulations!!!! The pics turned out and you do carry the bag well!!
    Did you manage to get a good price for it?
    You are so lucky.....I'm so happy for you.
  5. congrats
    its a fab bag:heart:
  6. Beautiful bag! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks so much. I do feel pretty lucky. I think the price was about right. I gave him $100 more than he paid for it. This guy was pretty smart. He buys a high end item with a new credit card,at 0%
    interest for 6mos. Sells the item and gets his $$$ for more goods. Pays it off in 6 months
    He just got a no fee-0 interest loan. :tup: We both ended up being pretty happy with this deal. :p
  8. wow, what a great find! I love the ritz... so gorgeous! congrats!!
  9. congrats! how much was it?
  10. Thanks. It was $2400+. It's 14" wide. I thought the price was fair.:smile:
  11. ^ is she almost new? congrats! she's lovely!
  12. Thanks. I found one tiny dark spot on the inside of the flap. All of the hardware shines and is free of scratches. Looks super!! :p
  13. What a great steal!!! Looks like angel of luck is on your side!!!

    Enjoy this lovely bag of yours!!! Heaps of congrats!!
  14. congrats
  15. Thanks nada. I totally agree. You need some luck when looking for a particular Chanel.
    I had some today. :yahoo:
    * Also thanks to : danicky,allbrandspls,janny328,krital
    and originallyxelle. Thanks for the kind words.