YAHOOO!!!! *happy dance* I GOT ONE! (Long!)


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
So yesterday, I was at school for 13+ hours. middlemouse318 and I have been PMing back and forth about Miroir and I asked her if she got her silver papillon yet. When I got home at 9 PM last night, she told me to call Toronto RIGHT AWAY before they close because they have "a few" silver pochettes available! :nuts:

Well, obviously they were closed by then because we are 2 hours I set my alarm clock for 8 AM this morning, to call right when all the TO stores open at 10 AM.

I called Yorkdale first, and the SA said they had one available, but it was just sold. Disappointed that that may be the one middlemouse was talking about, I checked my PMs and her message told me to call the flagship. So I did, and the Steve checked all the stores in Canada for me, and I'm not sure if he said their store had one, or Bloor had one...but anyways, my call was transferred and I spoke with Mary Jane and I asked her if they had the silver pochette available and they said "Yes! We do!" I was so excited! :nuts:

She explained the fax form to me...and how I have to pay shipping even if I wanted it shipped to HR Calgary (I want to show my SA and everyone else :P Plus, while I'm there, I'm going to ask her to take my name off the list so I can make someone else below me on the list happy) and I was getting worried that it may cost more than $700 CAD since TO pays 14% taxes...but when the fax came, I was only charged the Alberta 6%, and plus shipping, the bag came to less than what I expected to pay! ($620.10 CAD) :wlae:

So the pochette before taxes is $565 CAD, for those who want to know. That's less than what it costs in the US! :nuts:

I faxed the form back, called Mary Jane to confirm that they've received the fax, and now all I have to do it wait for my call from HR Calgary to go pick it up! :yahoo:

I am so, so, so very happy right now! Since it'll come on Wednesday or Thursday, I'll have it JUST IN TIME for my boyfriend and my anniversary dinner on Thursday...and it'll be after my exams so it's like a little treat; I can't wait!

To conclude, I'd like to thank EVERYONE who listened to me moan, groan and worry about getting one...and also to those who gave me a heads up as to where they may have the silver pochettes available, and of course to middlemouse! :yahoo:

Enough Miroir pics on the board already, but I'll post pics anyway when it arrives!!! :yahoo: