Yahoo! Love the new game board!!!

  1. Great idea and job!
  2. ^Totally agree!! This was such a great idea!!!
  3. Love the game board. Thank Vlad and Megs!!
  4. me too! thanks!
  5. Figured it'd be better to separate them from the general discussion :yes:
  6. We thought you would all appreciate it! Makes general discussion have more general threads and we can play games in the other!

    You all think it is time for a relationship subforum or what??
  7. ^ Megs a relationship subforum is a really good idea!
  8. Yay! So much easier to browse!

    And yes, I would love a relationships subforum!
  9. Love the new game forum :yahoo:
  10. Actually when i saw the board game subforum, i was like huh, we're going to talk about monopoly etc online!??!? took me awhile to realize it was about the games on TPF... that's only bc i was at GD and all the games disappeared!! LOL!! i'm slow =P
  11. ^ :roflmfao: :amuse:
  12. Have to agree - it is fab!:yahoo:
  13. i love it too. thanks!!
  14. Yeah, I think it was a great idea after all. I'll think of more games to post in the board games sub forum. :smile: