Yahoo! It's here, it's here! [Pics]

  1. So my speedy finally arrived! I love it....:drool: :drool:

    I'm sure you've seen about a thosand speedies before, but here is one more..


    And me with my speedy:

  2. I love your damier speedy. How exciting for you.
  3. Gorgeous! I'm glad that you love it! :yes:
  4. such a cute bag, congrats!!
  5. Never see too many speedies. Looks gr8 on u.
  6. Congrats on your damier speedy. I'm glad you love it!
  7. I am so happy it came, you must be ecstatic!
  8. u'll love it like i do!
  9. congrats did you snatch the box from the fedex guy?
  10. Looks awesome, congrats! : )
  11. I love it!
    Enjoy! :yahoo:
  12. it looks great on you! congrats! :cutesy:
  13. That bag is on my wishlist. Congrats!
  14. oh congrats!
  15. Never enough LV pics! Looks so pretty in Damier, Congrats :smile:
    Have you Joined the speedy thread in the clubhouse yet?