Yahoo,I got myself a classic flap

  1. I used to think the classic chanel bags are too mature for me that I couldn't see myself using those bags. (I only got one combon bag and a combon wallet). But after discovered all your beautiful chanel classic bags I couldn't stop thinking about it. I went shopping today and got my bag:yahoo: Its XL black caviar with gold hardware. The price is 1170 Pounds:sad: I knew the price has gone up but didn't expect to be that much:crybaby: . It is my most expensive bag ever :s , I don't normally spend more than 1000 Pounds for one bag but this bag is definitely worth it:love:
    DSC04998.JPG DSC03866.JPG
  2. Congrats on the bags!They look gorgeous. Like you, I was never a fan of the classic flap. But now seeing all the pics of young celebs carrying it and other tPF'ers rocking the looks fab. I am in the process of getting one.

    Well done!
  3. Vivian, I think you'll be so happy with this bag.

    I have this bag and love it. You'll be able to wear it casual and dressy.

    Congrats on a great bag!
  4. Vivianhw - it's a real BEAUTY!!:yahoo: congrats!! wear it in good health. Chanel's black's divine:heart: this bag lasts forever, you could pass it on to your next generation n so on!! I still use my mum's loads.. and those purchased even before i stepped into this world :yes:

  5. So pretty! congrats =)
  6. :yes: Yes yes those bags look so beautiful and I just need to get one. But the thing is I was going to get the Large size one, but after I looked at both Large and XL I think the large is actually a bit small:s
  7. Could it be from your height?

  8. :p That's what the SA told me. She also said I won't regret.
  9. You are going to love using it! Congratulations!
    I know am short:crybaby: and I do like the large size, thinking about to get a different color in large:sweatdrop:
  11. Oh girl... i'm not even 160cm! I think I'm only 156cm-ish (??) I should be the one who burst to tears!! :crybaby: getting a pair of jeans is such a pain.. ok sorry off-topic :p

    But anyways, get the XL one then... is XL = Jumbo flap (as how fellow tpf-ers refer it to here:confused1:). I have no idea about their names AT ALL! (i know it's a sin:yucky: ) that's why I'm learning n contributing at the same time! ahaks :p But anyways, if it's the same as a Jumbo, I wear it myself, it does look huge especially on my figure, but hey... it's how you carry it! :smile:
  12. beautiful bag! makes me itch for a classic even more!

    enjoy. :smile:
  13. Beautiful bags, and I love the sparkle of your necklace and earrings. Congrats!
  14. congrats! love it!
  15. Congrats, it is such a great bag! (on my "some day" list :heart: ) It really is iconic and you will be able to enjoy it forever . . . it's a great investment! (you can do the whole '$$$ per wear' calculation over a couple of generations and the cost becomes MUCH more reasonable) p.s. DH calls this a massive rationalization. :rolleyes: