Yahoo Finally Millionaires!

  1. This is why I love TPF

    A little while ago I asked a few people if they could find me some Millionaires as they where all sold out in the UK, sadly they all pretty much got the same answer all gone

    But One very special TPFer's was able to locate a pair and today the finally arrived at my door

    They are actually Mr Label Addicts I'm posting on his behalf but I've tried then and I think I can steal them every once in a while

    To everyone involved all the way Thank you all from the botom of my heart I really appreciate everyone's efforts

    So without further delay I am pleased to introduce Mr Label Addicts Millionaires in Black
  2. Visuals

    Me First LOL

    Mr label got quite into the spirit of the photoshoot and even did a outfit change for you LOL

  3. Ahhh, no way these pics are awesome!!! CONGRATS, love you guys!!!
  4. Looks sooooo good on both of you! You have the most gorgeous complexion! He is a cutie btw. hehe.:tup::heart::p Congrats!!!
  5. Congrats, they look really good on you both!
  6. :heart:GORGEOUS! :heart:

  7. hahah congrats, love the poses.
  8. Sweet pictures, lovin those Millionaires!
  9. Congrats! He'll love them, I love mine to death.
  10. Ooo those are HOT!
  11. Haha, love the pics! It's a beautiful pair of sunglasses.
  12. ooh SNAZZY PICS I love his jacket! You both rock them so well, they look so HOT!
  13. Wow, they look perfect on both of you! Congrats, I love them!
  14. Mr Label Addidct is a handsome man! You are a cutie too! Congrats on the sunnies. I think they are more masc though!
  15. congrats~