Yahoo! Bought my 1st LV today!!!

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  1. I had to share the news with everyone. Today I bought my first and second LV. I wanted to start off small and not too expensive so I thought that the pochette was the best way to start for me as I wanted a small classy bag to use for going out to dinner. So I got the Mono one and I asked the SA did they have any of the new Azur line, as I didn't see any around so she went out the back and there was one left so I got that too.

    It is a great feeling but I feel this could become an addiction. My daughter came in my bedroom while I was photographing them and thought that I was a nutcase. She is almost 17 years old and she couldn't stop laughing at me.

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  2. Congrats .. great purchases:yahoo: As it is summer here the azur is a good choice:heart:
  3. Congrats and welcome :smile:
  4. Thanks Shalom, I guess it would go with most colours? Any suggestions would be welcome.
  5. congrats, love azur very pretty!
  6. Beautiful choices! Congrats Suzie!
  7. Congratulations and welcome.....
  8. Congrats. Great choices.
  9. Congrats!!!!!!!!! it definetly does become an obsession! And welcome!
  10. Congrats on your new purchases!
  11. Congrat's. Enjoy wearing them.
  12. Great Choices! Congrats
  13. They look perfect, congrats!!
  14. Congratulations and welcome to the drak side!:yes:
  15. Congratulations!!! I love my pouchette and actually use it more than my larger bags. Enjoy:heart: