yahoo auctions seller: the_beautiful_sally LV SELLER

  1. i just want to ask if youve heard of this seller before shes based in singapore, would appreciate to hear from you guys,
  2. Are there any auctions you are watching? Please post them in the Authenticate This LV thread for review...
  3. She's good. Authentic.
  4. thanks on this info
  5. Actually she is based in Indonesia, she offers authentic LV bags at Singapore yahoo auction sites. She is selling authentic bags, don't worry! ;)
  6. Authentic :p
  7. I've never heard of her- thanks for the post
  8. :crybaby: :crybaby: im really having a hard time buying from the_beautiful_sally, i want to buy this bag and she said its under reservation but dont bid or else she will be free to obligate to sell it ,i dont want to bid on the bag i want to buy it with her asking price or a little more, :push:
    i really want this bag soooo bad:sweatdrop:

    wat am i to do if you have any suggestions that would ease the pain of not having what i want:sad: :sad: :sad: that would hep me a lot thanks:drool:
  9. You mean the silver miror bag?

    Well, her customer usually put a deposit when they reserve the item, so technically, the bag is being purchased already.

    Hope you find miroir speedy somewhere else ;)
  10. yeah the silver mirroir bag, darn it!!! i thought my dilemma with that bag is finished, anyways im on my own again on finding another mirroir bag
  11. The cheapest I can find atm is about USD2400... ;/
    Good luck!
  12. I find that it is a bit difficult to communicate with her though. It takes 3 emails to ask for extra photos and yet not provided yet. Has anyone experienced it before?

  13. yes her replies to my mail is always late thou she has some really nice stuff:p
  14. what do you mean by atm?
  15. ^ atm means at this moment/minute