Yah or nah?!!

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  1. Wat do u ladies think? Too childish? Im 24 if it matters..
    Its my bday next week, my bf is a uni student. Not much cash. :push:He says he will buy a different doll for each of my bbags.

  2. I think the important thing is if YOU like it! It's so sweet that your BF wants to buy them for you! I will NEVER get too old to buy/use the things that I love. Who cares what anyone else thinks?! :graucho::tup:
  3. lol i have the mummy one on my plomb city... but then the clasp that connected it broke and i lost it. i was sad. =(

    i think as long as you like it, it doesnt matter. it's from your boyfriend too and its sweet he even considers to try to contribute to your purses.
  4. do you like it? i personally dont really have any charms hanging from my bags but a lot of people seem to like it and it looks cute. I just don't really believe in having antyhing compete w/ the cuteness of my bags lol.
  5. i think it's adorable and i think the color scheme matches well with the violet... so definitely keep! :yes:
  6. Cute cute cute! :biggrin:
  7. I am not really into bagcharms so I would say nay...and get some nice make-up instead.
  8. Yah, yah , yah, I love hanging charms on my bags too!!! Do it so long u like it and happy about it!!! Cheers!
  9. i have the freddy kruger one of these. They are so cute! If you love it then what does it matter what anyone else thinks?
  10. I am not such a bagcharme boy, my boyfriend once bouth me a small apple green budha. That was when i was looking for a vertgazon bag but it was more apple green so i bouth an aplle green work.
    Its very lovely, its just a small present and not much worth but given with love.
    And thats the most inportant thing he does not understand my bag madnes but he let me be me. And loves me the way i am.
    Its nice to get a present, but its better to give a present.

    Hugs fx:heart:

    Ps i do love your dolly.
  11. I think it's cute and the gesture behind it makes it sweet! I'd keep it :tup:
  12. wow, love your bag! i have to say it's v cute altho i'm not a charms gal; not on my hp, more so not on my bags. it's different if i got them as gifts. they'd usually find a place on my key chain or coin pouch ;)
  13. well..the BAG is a Keeper for sure.. in time you will know if the BF/charm is!..seriously, it was a lovely gesture from him, and I love the wee yarn dolly.
  14. I think the charm is very cute!! I have a moose on my part time.. so I love all the cute charms!!
  15. Totally agree with Bags! Screw what anyone else thinks! That's the great thing about not being 13 anymore (yeah...like at 51, I even REMEMBER that!!! - LOL!) If you like it, that's ALL that matters. The people that love you will "get it" and the people you don't know, who cares??

    For what it's worth, I think it's adorable and unique.