YABBA DABBA...Best day ever!

  1. She's here...she's here! My latest baby, the khaki/ebony Legacy Shoulder I won on eBay for $192.50! She is absolutely beautiful...my most favorite bag already!
    Here she is in all her glory along with the matching mini skinny I also won on eBay (thanks to the eagle-eyed post by krispin!) And on top of that I received another wonderful RAOK package. I will also post this in the RAOK thread, but I wanted to share it here too...

    Here is my RAOK package:
  2. UGH! That bag and mini are gorgeous! I remember you mentioning both! Congrats! What a great day for you!:yes:
  3. Beautiful! Great little RAOK package too! :tup:
  4. Ahhh that's gorgeous!

    I need it now.
  5. mmm love the ebony leather!!
  6. :heart: it!!!!!
  7. yummmm turnlocks!!
  8. Ooh, that bag is soo pretty!
  9. YoWzA! Thats a terrific price and such an adorable set!!
  10. Oh soooo cute and pretty!!!!!
  11. WOW, congrats! :yahoo: You got some nice goodies today!
  12. Gorgeous!! What a great deal!!
  13. gorgeous! I saw this bag at a jazz fest and I could not take my eyes off it. Congrats
  14. This is my fav sig color combination they are both gorgeous! What a great deal too congrats!
  15. Beautiful!! Congrats!!