YAAHOO! My Men's Courier is Here!

  1. :yahoo:

    So excited -- I had it delivered to my office because of all the horror stories I have been hearing about folks getting bags swapped out or taken when they had it ordered.

    Its all black and leathery with that divine smell of leather -- (drool) -- I am going to take pictures of me modeling it when I get home as I think my co-workers would think I am a NUTSO if I started snapping pics with my camera phone in the office. However, for the sake of sharing here are some quick pics I took in my office -- kinda crappy but you get the idea......

    I am so excited...I just can't hide it!!!
    BBag1.jpg BBag2.jpg BBag3.jpg
  2. Very nice! The leather looks awesome! Congrats!
  3. Whoops -- I mean my Courier is here ...sorry for the snafu
  4. :yahoo: WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: That's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: I have the courier too! I LOVE it!!!
  5. Looks great, can't wait for more pix! Congrats!
  6. OMG! i was almost got a heart attack when i read men's weekender!!!
    but courier is a great bag too :p
  7. It's beautiful :yahoo: Enjoy it in good health :yahoo:
  8. Many congratulations on your first Bbag! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I'm sure it won't be your last!
  9. Congrats Clake!!!:yahoo: Now we need to see more pics:graucho:
  10. ohhhh lovely Clake... please do some modeling photos... can't wait!!!
  11. congrats! Can't wait to see the modeling pics!
  12. Fantastic bag, congrats! I'd like to see pics. on too. I've hardly ever seen men wearing bbags.
  13. yowza, that bag is CRAZY HOT!!! :wlae:...i saw a really chic asian guy in the subway last week w/the same bag & he looked beyond cool :supacool:
  14. ooo lovely! i gave up on the courier last week, but now you're making me want one again!

    i really want to see pics so i know how it looks like a man!!

    congrats on such a gorgeous bag!
  15. why did you almost have a heart attack?