1. Today was great.

    I went to the Macy's at Glendale Galleria HOPING to find something, anything, because in my wallet a 50 dollar gift card was just sitting there. I think i had that giftcard since May and I never was really sure what to get with it.. and surprisingly i found a 19 dollars left from a 100 dollar gift card jammed inside my wallet. ;D
    I headed toward the clearance section of the clothes because tokidoki sometimes ended up there. I actually got my moofia jacket on sale there. The first thing that catches my eye is tokidoki. I saw the Adios Star zip-up hoodie and a thermal that matched it.
    All together it became like 63 dollars and i just used my gift cards and payed no cash.
  2. wow !! thats awesom!! I was there a week ago and didnt get a chance to see the clothing line. Was this in the junior section?
  3. wow! i wish i can live anywhere near where they sell toki clothing! but they dont. and finding sales is probably the best feeling in the world! lol
  4. I saw this in the greatest deal thread! Congrats! There are NO tokidoki clothes at Macy's OR BAGS! Yet at Bloomingdale's they have the tokidoki bag.. of course on the website it's completely the opposite -_-.

    ANYWAYS! nice find with no pay! Always a swell deal!