yaaay!! back from vAcatiOn!!! welcoming home new goodies!! :D

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  1. missed u alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :heart: :heart: :heart:
    and i am glad to be back to home sweet home! :tender:
    i missed everything.. but work of course :p
    but hey.. lets welcome the new stuff now!!

    i was in singapore + malaysia.. enjoyed shopping there! especially LV shopping :graucho:

    lets start..:sweatdrop:

  2. WELCOME back!
  3. What Is IT???
  4. Welcome back! And those photos are such a tease!
  5. *Taps foot*
  6. Ooh I want to know!!!
  7. ahem.. so 4 boxes!! one of them is a gift..
    here it is..!! its a gift i picked for my beloved sister in law..(my brother's wife :heart: ) she is such a sweet heart and the mother of my beloved little niece :love:

    ((i've added the pink ribbon to the box :smile: ))

  8. What is it? What is it? *impatiently awaiting...* :nuts:
  9. Yeah, pretty dentelle! Nice gift!
  10. awwwwww sweet girlz thank u :tender:
    i am uploading the rest of pics so stay tunned :yes:
  11. WOW! :smile:
    You're one nice sis!
  12. 2nd box!!!

    a little something i am crazy mad about!! its for me! :shame:
    mini azur pochette!!

  13. What a lovely gesture ...adore dentelle:heart:
  14. Nice Damier Azur as well!
  15. 3rd box!!

    this is something i got for myself too before my vacation from my local LV.. but i never had time to post it then! so lets welcome it now though a little late loool :p