Yaaaay used my PCE today!!!!!

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  1. Just got home and wanted to share my pce purchases with you! I called South Coast Plaza Coach last night and asked if they had the XL Hamptons hobo in cypress or black. The SA i spoke to checked for me and said they only had the cobalt left, so i was pretty bummed about that. So today i went to see what other bag i was attracted to since i had a credit i wanted to use and lo and behold as i step into the coach boutique, i spotted the cypress on display. I then asked the SA if she had the black one in stock and they did!!! I was pretty upset at the fact that the guy i spoke to yesterday told me there was none left. So as you can see i was debating between the black and the cypress and guess which one i ended up with!!!:graucho:

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  2. I'm going to guess the black! So happy that you were able to locate your bag!
  3. Ooooh let's see!! Congrats on getting what you wanted!
  4. Here it is and a picture frame keyfob also. I have to go somewhere right now but hope you liked my reveal!!!! Ill be back!!!;)

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  5. I'm going to guess black as well! :biggrin:
  6. Great bag! I love the lining with the cypress color.
  7. Great choice. I have the black one and it's so comfortable on the shoulder.
  8. i love it. i could never bring my self to buy the xl hobo in black or cobalt. and now i really regret it.
  9. Nice! Enjoy
  10. great bag -- I love the XL hobo!!

    Congrats, OP & enjoy!!
  11. Gorgeous buys! I have the berry picture key fob too :biggrin:
    I hope you enjoy your buys :smile:
  12. What a lovely bag! I have it in Walnut. Enjoy!
  13. What a pretty color! Love it.
  14. Wow:nuts: ... fabulous new buys! Wish I could have used my PCE as well but no money tree for me ... congrats and enjoy your new goodies!
  15. Good choice! I like the color it's fun! More fun than black I think even though I love black. Congrats!