1. OMG OMG where do I start? OK I called my LV SA this morning...she said that she would let me come in TODAY and pick up my damier azur speedy 30!!!

    So I went to the LV boutique...she got out the Azur...and I was NOT in love with it like I was:crybaby:

    So...I got a bag from the line that I have been lusting over for quite awhile-- the Epi Speedy 30!!!!!!!:yahoo: I thought originally that I wanted my first Epi to be an Alma, but I fell in LOVE with the Speedy!!!

    It is soooo beautiful!!! I will have my fiancee post pics either tonight or tomorrow:smile: :heart:

    Some new info::

    The Azur Speedy was priced at $620, so I do NOT think that the Azur will go up in price.

    The Epi Alma was increased to $1090. The Epi Speedy 30 went DOWN in price!!!

    It is now $890:supacool: :yes:

    I think that I might EVENTUALLY get the Azur Speedy, but I just went weak when I saw the Noir Epi Speedy.

  2. Sounds like you did find a bag you love and that's all that counts. Can't wait to see pix. Congrats!
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. Congrats!! That's great news about the price, I love the epi speedy, what color did you get?
  5. You go girl!
  6. yay how awesome! congrats..
  7. OMG, I just bought two epi 25 speedies over the last few months, I am going to be sick if they acutally lowered the price... I wonder if I can get a price adjustment? :crybaby:
  8. Congrats!!!! :yahoo:Love EPI Speedy.....:love: Pics please.:graucho:
  9. An SA told me the prices never go down, I thought this too but now I'm not too sure...
  10. congrats on the epi speedy! omg I hope I don't feel the same way when I see the azur. That's what I'm dreading I'm going to be so disappointed :s
  11. LOL I will have pics up by tomorrow:yes:

    I am alittle challenged when it comes to downloading pics, resizing them, etc.

    I got the blac (noir) epi speedy:smile:

    I am not sure if they will adjust the price for you, but I would definitely call and ask!:heart:
  12. Glad you got something you love! Can't wait to see the pics.:nuts:
  13. xoAikxo-- I really liked the Azur, but I didn't LOOOOVVVEEEE it...plus, I was kinda worried about the patina issues, etc.

    Pink--LOL I know!! LV LOWERING PRICES?!?!? What?!??! :smile:

    It happened, though!! Tomorrow the Epi Speedy 30 officially goes from like $935 to $890:smile:
  14. :yes:
  15. Did LV ever REDUCE their price? :wtf: I thought it's always going up, up, up..?! :rolleyes:
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