Yaaaaay! the FB is here!! *grin*

  1. Finally, after a very long wait, my FB city arrived this afternoon. I so thought that the bag was lost in the shipping. I was so worried till i couldn't sleep at night.

    As soon as i got home, i opened the box! But, i waited for like 30 seconds before i actually open it, hoping for the color just to be right as my imagination, and she IS!

    Anyway, all thanks to cracker, i can have this beauty as my precious. *hugs*

    So here she is... She has the smooshiest leather.. Just enough wrinkles to give it a newly-worn look. i love her so much. she is my new drug.:heart: :biggrin:
    DSC00033editsmall.jpg DSC00034-editsmall.jpg DSC00032editsmall.jpg
  2. Too cute! Yay for another French Blue!

    ...wait, :shocked: CRACKER sold her French Blue? I think I knew that but somehow forgot...I can't keep track with everyone's new purchases!

    again, love French Blue!
  3. I love it! and it really suits you, you look so cute:yes:
  4. wow FB is amazing-- and esp. on u!
  5. congrats!!! french blue is sooooo beautiful!! :love: and rare too..!! :nuts:
    looks pretty on you! :yes:
  6. C O N G R A T S :yahoo: FB is beautiful and the leather really does look yummie... Lucky you :yes:
  7. Congrats:yahoo: FB is awsome and you look very cute with it.:yes:
  8. It's so beautiful! Congrats!
  9. [​IMG]



    Congrats and ur FB city bag is gorgeous....thanks for sharing:heart::heart:
  10. Oh so beautiful! What a vivid color! Congrats!!
  11. gorgeous color!!! i love BLUE!! This FB is so hip and fresh!!! Congrats!!!! :drool:
  12. I love FB, it is gorgeous, looks perfect on you!!! Congrats!
  13. That color is just WOW! I love how you color coordinated it with your wardrobe!
  14. It looks great on you!:love: Love the colour, too!:heart: Congrats, Pablohoney!:yes:
  15. Beautiful bag!! Congrats!!