Ya Ya Trench-Yay or Nay!

  1. What do you guys think?? I saw this on Bluefly, it's $411, down from around $600. Any thoughts on Ya Ya clothing? Pics from bluefly.com
  2. Oooo, me likey!!!
  3. i say yay. I think it's very sophisicated.
  4. Thanks guys! It has pretty pleating on the back, but I can't post the pic for some reason. I'm always looking for the perfect trench!
  5. here you go! :p

  6. ^^^You are so sweet JC!! Thank you!! I love this coat, I think I'm going to get her!
  7. I love the colour of this Trench, plus the pleats at the back.
  8. Thanks for weighing in PM! I love the color too,not too beige!
  9. this is a definite YES! I love all coats, and I have to check this one out....

    you should get it
  10. Very nice. I say Ya Ya!!
  11. I like the pleating detail but at that price you might as well add a bit of money & get a Burberry which will always be a classic
  12. it's very nice.

  13. LOL! I thought that but all the Burberry Trenches that really look good on me and that I really want cost over a grand! So this is a chic replacement I think, at least for now!
  14. Very cute! There are some 15% off codes in deals and steals, too.
  15. I say YAY for YAYA! I love Yaya. Their clothes are so comfortable yet stylish.