ya know when theres somthing thats so great, you have to share?

    im so addicted to it, i have 2 cans a day!
    for any tea or milk lovers, or anybody that loves to try new things, look on line and order one. im sure you wont regret it.
    its my favorite drink!
    mmmmm. and its so sad because trader joes discontinued it,
    so i had to look online, and my case came today!
    30 cans! lol. only 2 weeks worth though...

    just sharin :smile:
  2. that looks pretty tasty...i used to be addicted to nestea
  3. lol. i used to be addicted to arizona green tea, but i chose this because its more delicious!
  4. What does it taste like? I don't like iced tea, but this looks different...
  5. its so hard to explain. it tastes like black tea with milk, and honey.

    this is kind of a stretch,but like a SUPER SUPER SUPER diluted chai tea with more milk.
  6. I love thai tea!