Ya know what bugs me?

  1. All of these price increases!!

    I mean think about it, elux has the Nimbus GM for now $2660. That bag was produced before for the $2500 or whatever it was, then it was delivered to elux or the LV stores. So why should existing bags just jump $100 or so bucks when they are just sitting on the shelves?

    I think they should increase stuff that is newly made but I guess that would be to confusing. I mean the Nimbus PM is now over $2000 for a teeny bag :sad: I wont be getting one now on principle!!:p I think LV is getting a bit greedy:boxing:
  2. unfortunately that's also a principle of LV-steady increase every year, no sale. It's the only fair this way ex-when Coach goes on sale, all the bags on sale's list go @ same price regardless of which one is made before/after sale is announced, KWIM?
  3. Although I hate the price increases it does sere its purpose as far as market value is concerned. They resale value of LV is the best out of almost every brand. For example, I'm about to sell my palermo which I got at the end of November. Its brand new no scratches patina or anything. I can probably get something really close to what I paid, if not full price since what I paid full price is still lower than what the bag goes for now. Just an example.