Ya Know, Rumur Has The Most Gorgeous Eyes...

  1. [​IMG]

    After the whole working at Marc Jacobs thing didn’t pan out, Rumer Willis has found a new calling — acting!

    The Hollywood princess is set to star alongside daddy Bruce Willis and Mischa Barton in the dark comedy ‘The Sophomore.’
    In this teenage take on “Chinatown,” Barton plays the most popular girl in her Catholic high school. She persuades a sophomore reporter to investigate the theft of SAT exams, but after he reveals that the school’s president and top jock are responsible, a more sinister conspiracy emerges.

    Rumer Willis plays the troublemaking sidekick of Barton’s character. Bruce Willis plays the school’s twisted principal, a Desert Storm veteran who can’t let go of his glory days in Kuwait.
  2. this is mean to say, but wowww she looks pretty from the nose up!
  3. hmm
  4. All of those poor girls look like Bruce instead of Demi.
  5. hmmm...that girl has quite the chin on her....
  6. Her jaw is so masculine-looking!
  7. She looks more Jay Leno, then Bruce or Demi.
  8. LOOL @ your comments everyone!!!!

    The movie sounds interesting... I'd never miss Bruce`s movies..love his sense of humour
  9. Nothing smart to say here. I wish she had longer hair..
  10. Okay looking at the photo gain. LOL, she looks more like a morph of "Grinch" and Leno. The small, close set eyes, short hair, the funny smirk, the jawline. I will dig upp a picture.
  11. She's still quite young, isn't she? Her proportions can change and "fit" better in a few years. She does have lovely eyes.
  12. Her mouth is kind of... misplaced...!
    Well she might be an ok actress let's not make fun of her yet.
  13. maybe she needs to grow her hair out... she really does look like demi!
  14. Her hair would look better if it was longer, it might balance out her face a little more. Her eyes ARE pretty though...
  15. :yes: