YA! I'm on the Onatah GM list!!

  1. Ok...I'm "officially" on the Onatah GM list!!!!!!!!:yahoo: I'm getting it in brown. (My signature color!):P Jackets, shoes, purses...have to be "brown". If I seem some shoes I like and they come in black, tan, white, or brown. It's brown!! Bags: black, brown...Umm, No brainer --->> brown! So there u go! etc. and so fourth...:wlae: I just love earth tones. Browns (#1), tans, cremes, beiges, carmels, etc.

    Anyway,I asked when it will be available. She didn't know...she said she just knew mid-Sept.

    Anyway, the price is going to be $1630. (This is my WAY-early Christmas gift). Oh well....:angel: I've been good. Heehee!:graucho:
  2. I love the brown too! It goes with everything especially a light denim jeans!

    The leather mignt be a high quality leather! Hummmm!
  3. Congratulations! Very exciting!!! YaY!
  4. Have you seen pics of what its going to look like? Does anyone have pics they can post for the rest of us to see? Very curious about this one because I'm sure its going to be gorgeous! :P
  5. congrats! cant wait to see pics of ur actual bag :smile:
  6. I would love to get the Onatah cuir in brown as well. However, i've already got the Onatah suede in brown. Does anyone know if they will be available in the pm size? Thnx.
  7. that is awsome!!! Yay, for getting on the list! the bag is GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to see it IRL...I too love the color brown...I would totally get it...and the leather looks awsome!!
  8. Congratulations!! How exciting!! The Onatah GM is beautiful!! I might consider getting it, too!
  9. I was told it'll come in Pochette and GM size only:yes:.
  10. LVCRAZED - congrats for being on the waiting list!!! i hope the release date gets pushed forward 'coz that bag looks HOT :love: :love: :love:
  11. Thx everyone!!:flowers:

    Maybe I'll go to ck. out the other bags that were in the running....just to make sure I made the right choice. Always good to feel you did the right thing...plus, LOL it's an excuse to visit LV. YAY! :yahoo:

    Well, I haven't been there since June. I'm due for a visit. I want to ck. out the other poor lil purses that lost out to the Onatah GM. They are: The Illovo MM, Highbury, and Chelsea. I wanted a Damier shoulder bag...BUT (these were my alternate choices IF for whatever reason I didn't like the Onatah GM..) I was only able to see it til today on another thread.

    Secretly I had been wanting a large hobo bag like 4 ever! So that is why I wanted to see the Onatah...see if I liked it...if not go with one of the others. But, Uhhh I love the Onatah now that I've finally seen it. Just hoping I feel the same way when I see it in person.

    Btw, Do they still have the Onatah GM in Suede in the LV stores?, so that maybe I could try it on to get an idea of it's size. I know it's quite large and have seen pics on the PF board. It would be cool :supacool: if they did so I could try it on.
  12. Did you see a pic of Star holding her suede Onatah in the Visuals thread?
    That bag is amazing! I never realized it lookd so good on.
    Is the GM going to be the same size as hers?
  13. I believe they'll be the same size JoJo only different material:yes: Leather yummmmmmm:tender:
  14. OMG yes I have seen Star w/ her Onatah, it looks great on her!!:yes:
    Ya, they are almost exactly the same size.

    The one she has the suede w/ the lil flowers is: 20.4" x 13.8" x 2".
    OMG I love the lil flowers on it. The leather is: 19.5" x 13.3" x 2".

    I love the hobo style and loved the suede w/ lil flowers. But when I read others having problems with the flowers falling off, and also the suede having some problems with the ink rubbing off I decided I better not. When I found out they were making it in leather. I went :nuts: !!:love: