ya.. i know i should stay in bed..

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. ... and get well from the flu... but....
    this makes me totally forget about my cold!!!! :biggrin:

    anybody on for a little reveal? or a big one since it is my first PS :smile:
  2. get you curious with a little sneaky peak? ;)
  3. Oh, something red? :biggrin:

    Hope you'll get better from the flu soon.
  4. i think this made me all better again :smile: thank you!!

    and here she shines... :biggrin:
  5. and in more natural light
  6. and finally getting up (pssssht don't tell my bf) to wear her a minute :love:
  7. Congrats!! :biggrin: It's a gorgeous red color!
  8. Is that the bright red? So pretty! You look great with it!
  9. Love it! Congrats!
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    thanks so much ellie, actually you helped so much finding it!! :smile:

    thank you :smile:
    ya that's the bright red. it looks so beautiful, not orange-y or pink-y. indoors it's a real true red like i'd paint a :heart: on a love letter. outside you can't overlook it cos it shines! i love it :smile:

    thank you!! :smile:

    oh ya, that's the medium ps1 in bright red. i'm about 163cm height (5.2'') and 54 kg (118lbs). and the bag fits a lot, really way more than i expected :smile:
  11. What a beautiful bag. Congratulations, she looks great on you. Get well soon so you can take her out.
  12. Love the color!
  13. thank you :smile:
  14. Beautiful Red!
  15. Gorgeous! I'm a sucker for a red handbag! Carry it well!